The team

The founders, after 40 years in the field of Architecture and Interior Design in Europe and Africa, decided to reinterpret the world of customized surface coating by creating ABITAdecò.

The creative team with multiple cultural and professional facets, from which a fertile know-how and a universal language radiate, conceives dreamlike images that are transformed each time into unique works of art.


Architect, designer

Born in Tunis, after his artistic high school diploma, he continued his education graduating with honors in architecture at the Turin Polytechnic.

In 1979 he opened his own architectural studio, where attention to detail is present in all his works. Expert in historical heritage and meticulous renovations. There are countless projects in the residential, commercial, tertiary and design sectors.

His artistic expression also starts from drawing in the projects he carries out and in which the presence of his two identities, the western and the eastern one, is always evident.

The idea, the sketch, the color and the continuous search for innovation are the basis of his artistic dialogue.


Architect, Interior designer

Born in Turin, she obtained her artistic high school diploma and graduated with honors in Architecture at the Turin Polytechnic.

His freelance activity began in 1980 and is based on historical research and on the culture of restoring and renovating historic buildings.

It is only by fully knowing the past of the cities and the history of their buildings, with their conservation, that one can think of living them fully and enjoying their beauties.

This great passion of hers allows her to always find the right combination between history and modernity.


Artist, photographer

Born in Salvador de Bahia, he attended the art school of Turin and the technical institute for surveyors.

He has numerous experiences in Europe and Africa which allow him to fall in love with cultural diversity.

His Brazilian origins and his Italian culture can be recognized in his always being curious about artistic forms in general, art, design, music, dance and photography, his continuous personal research leads him to experiment with languages ​​that tell in images and you play all the liveliness of the Brazilian "saudade".