Who we are

Creators of customized artistic and decorative surfaces

When Italian architects and designers who are passionate about their work approach the world of wallcovering, the imagination has no limits.

Creating emotions and giving spaces a strong identity is ABITAdecò's goal.

The works tell a story, a story made up of images, sketches and graphic signs. They take us into a world that breathes a unique atmosphere in all indoor and outdoor spaces.

Meeting and union of Western, Eastern and African cultures, delicate arabesques, bucolic and enchanted, mysterious landscapes, birds and butterflies, lights and objects of sunny lands, patinas of forgotten walls, retrospectives of Renaissance drawings, ancient graphics, early twentieth-century glamour.

It is an immersion in a world in which a magical and nostalgic universe reigns supreme with the spotlights on the audacity of a refined and unconventional creativity, and on the continuous search for quality.